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Power Soccer is the fastest growing sport for power wheelchair users. The sport was originally developed in France in the early 70’s and was introduced to the United States in the early 80’s. Since then many countries created their own version of the sport which led to an international meeting in Paris, France 2005. It was the vision of the six countries that attended to create an international organization and unify the rules for international competition. The international organization, "Federation International de Powerchair Football Association" was born. This development led to the formal organization of the United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) in 2006.


ASU Power Soccer Placed in Premier Conference

ASU Power Soccer

The USPSA has released its new conference alignment, and the ASU Power Soccer Club is placed in the new Premier Conference. This conference is the highest and most competitive division in the USPSA. All of the teams in this division are considered to be the best power soccer teams in the United States. Our placement in this division is a testament to the skill and dedication shown by each athlete on the squad. We will continue to work hard as we compete for the 2010 Premier Conference Championship.

Here is a look at the rest of the Premier Conference teams.

Premier Conference:

  1. Circle City Rollers
  2. Atlanta Synergy
  3. San Jose Steamrollers
  4. Tampa Thunder
  5. RHI Sudden Impact
  6. BORP Earthquakes
  7. Arizona Heat 3rd Degree
  8. Ball State Cardinals
  9. Atlanta Tigers
  10. Tampa Bay Crossfire
  11. Arizona State Sun Devils